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Teaching Pro Tournament
Welcome to WPGTA.

Contest outline

Purpose of the competition

This tournament is the next generation of golf that will lead Korean golf according to the selection criteria of the WPGTA Teaching Pro.
It is in selecting leaders.

Competition Schedule

This competition is conducted with 1 round per day, including the finals.

Eligibility to participate

There is no age limit for men or women.
The competition committee reviews eligibility for participation.
There is no need to provide a reason for athletes who refuse to participate, and the decision of this committee is final.

Participation fee

200,000 won (green fee, caddy fee, cart fee, shade house fee not included).

Competition location

Country club designated by the association

Acceptance regulations

1st test - PAT

A. The passing regulations may be subject to change only upon the decision of the competition committee.
me. Passing the teaching pro is based on the specified number of strokes.

Game conditions

1. This competition applies golf rules approved by the R&A and USGA and “local” rules set by the competition committee.

2. The tournament is played in a stroke play format, with a total of 18 holes per day.

3. The location of the tee marker used is determined by the competition committee.

4. The starting time and group composition are determined by the competition committee.

If a competitor is late for the starting time but arrives at the starting point within 5 minutes in good condition to play. In this case, the penalty for tardiness is not disqualification, but a penalty of 2 strokes on the first hole and allowing the player to participate in the game.

5. One Ball Condition
① Players must use balls that are listed on the current eligible golf ball list published by the R&A and USGA. Balls of the same brand and type must be used.
② Players must mark their balls to identify them.
③ For violation of Paragraph ① of these conditions, a penalty of 2 strokes will be imposed on each hole where the rule was violated.
However, the number of penalty strokes is limited to a maximum of 4 strokes per round.
④ If it becomes known that a player has been using a ball in violation of this rule, at the next teeing ground
Before playing, you must give up the ball and finish the round using a ball suitable for the conditions.
Otherwise, the competitor will be disqualified from the game.

6. Agreement to Waive Rules
Competitors must not agree to exclude the application of a rule or remove a penalty imposed.
Additionally, there must be no agreement regarding play that violates the order of play. In this case, all competitors are disqualified.

7. Failure to Hole Out
Competitors do not hole out on a hole and before making a stroke from the next teeing ground,
Or, if a player fails to correct his/her mistake before leaving the putting green on the last hole, he/she will be disqualified.

8. Scoring in Stroke Play
① The marker must check the player and score after each hole and enter it.
② At the end of the game, the marker must sign the score card and hand it to the player.
③ The player confirms that the marker has signed his score card, and then he also signs the score card.
It must be submitted to the competition committee as soon as possible.
④ Once the player submits the card to the committee, the entered information cannot be changed.
⑤ If a player submits a score that is less than the actual number of strokes for a hole, he or she will be disqualified from the game and will be awarded less than the actual number of strokes. Many scores are accepted as is.

9. Speed of game time (Undue Delay. Slow Play)
Players must play without undue delay, with 40 seconds for the first player and 40 seconds for the next player. The shot must be made within 30 seconds.
If, due to unreasonable delay, the gap with the preceding group is reduced by more than one hole in the par 3 or 4 holes or in the par 5 holes
If the group in front is on the green when they arrive at the teeing ground, time will be started by the competition committee member.
The time required for each 9 holes is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
The first violation will result in a warning, the second violation will result in a 1-stroke penalty, the third violation will result in a 2-stroke penalty, and subsequent violations will result in disqualification.

10. Competitors must be familiar with the local rules and conditions of play before the competition.

11. After checking the signatures of the player and the marker on the score card, the player waits until the score card is completely received.

12. End of Competition
After the players in the last group submit their score cards to the competition committee member and the score is confirmed
The competition is deemed to have ended.

13. Galleries are not permitted to enter the stadium and are located near the teeing ground of holes 1 and 10 and the greens of holes 9 and 18. You can only watch.
 However, players must not interfere with the progress of the game and the use of electronic devices is prohibited. It is prohibited.

14. All problems that arise during the game will be finally decided by the game committee in accordance with the above rules.

15. Local rules are distributed at the 1st (or 10th) hole teeing ground on the day of the competition.