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Master Pro Tournament
Welcome to WPGTA.

Contest outline

Purpose of the competition

This Master Teaching Pro has gone through a strict selection process and is a high-level professional with tour pro level golf skills
The purpose is to select golf instructors.
More than one year must have passed since the date of qualification as a teaching professional at this association.

Competition Schedule

This tournament will be held in 2 rounds (36 holes) of finals. (within 148 Thailand)

Eligibility for participation

For those who hold the association's teaching professional certificate, the competition committee will review their eligibility to participate.
There is no need to disclose the reason for athletes who refuse to participate, and the decision of this committee takes precedence.

Participation fee

300.000 won (green fee, caddy fee, cart fee, shade house separate)

Competition location

Country club designated by the association

1st test-PAT

Division Acceptance Rules
Selection contestants Within 148 ties/36 holes

A. The passing regulations may be subject to change only upon the decision of the competition committee.
me. Passing the Teaching Professional is subject to the specified number of strokes.

※ The rules for the Master Pro Selection are based on 148 ties in 2 rounds of 36 holes, and the rest are based on the Teaching Pro Selection.
※ After taking the Master Pro practical test, you must complete golf instruction training for at least 48 hours.
※ Master Pros donate more than 8 hours of talent every year (leader education, lectures, association training)